Wednesday Listening Volume 3 07 Nov 18 09:42 EST

Wednesday Listening Volume 3: The Futuristic/Dystopian 80s Edition

Wednesday Listening Volume 2 30 Oct 18 05:38 EDT

Yeah, it’s a day early but tomorrow is Halloween.

Wednesday Listening Volume 1 24 Oct 18 14:03 EDT

The first in a hopefully long series.

The Goal of Capitalism Is Not to Escape Capitalism 11 Oct 18 09:01 EDT

Where some of the socialists get it wrong.

Projects I Wish I Had Time For 09 Oct 18 17:04 EDT

A work in progress. Some tongue in cheek, some serious.

Automotive TLDs 22 Jul 18 11:28 -0500

Here’s a list of some automotive-related TLDs.

Hubristic Architecture 27 Jun 18 21:28 -0500

Hubris is not only annoying, it’s dangerous for the business.

It’s Another Cain and Abel Rehash 05 Mar 18 21:10 EST

What happened in Parkland, Florida is indeed a tragedy, but it’s a story we’ve seen before and we’ll probably see again.

The Unofficial pop Book 11 Jan 18 09:32 EST

I’ve created a Gitbook for the pop ORM.