The difference between what we’re seeing now, in 2020, versus what the world saw in the late 1960s with the civil rights movement is that now it’s more Stokely Carmichael and less Martin Luther King.

Though, you will certainly hear different from the nightly news, the New York Times, and the Democrat party. The amount of actual chaos being inflicted is more than what’s being described in these places. Even the mayors of Democrat cities are moving away while at the same time saying all is fine.

The rhetoric we’re seeing from Antifa and BLM are the same rhetoric from the Black Panther group in the 1960s, even to the degree of suggesting that people who oppose these views are in bed with the Russians.

The only difference between now and then is that the Democrat party and it’s marketing arm (CNN, New York Times) have embraced these radical notions. I think this is mostly because there’s no sane mouthpiece for the current movement. If there were I think there would be more support from both major parties, and not just the party that sees African-Americans as a make-or-break constituency.