A work in progress. Some tongue in cheek, some serious.

Lysol Drones

When someone sneezes/coughs/otherwise displays cold and flu symptoms in an office environment or school environment drones outfitted with a mister containing Lysol triangulates on the area and sprays it down. The area is marked and a roving drone will periodically spray it down for the next 96 hours. While I honestly think that exposure is the best prevention for getting sick, this will be marketed to helicopter parents and other germaphobes.

Update: Due to the recent 6-day siege with a nest of yellow jackets in my yard, Raid should get in on this.

Like Craigslist or Autotrader, but transactions are stored in blockchain

So you’ll know how many times that Honda Civic has changed hands.

A dramatization on the origins of the Roopkund Skeleton Lake

Why were the Greeks there? There’s gotta be a good story in that. Looking at you Spielberg.

Door proximity gauges

Ever go to open the bathroom door at the office only to have someone fly out, presumably late to a meeting, and almost hit you in the face? This would have two lights on opposing sides of a door. When someone is approaching from the other side the light on that side starts flickering, giving a heads up to any unsuspecting bathroom-goer.

Probably also good for restaurants for kitchen doors.

A documentary on Dr. Benjamin Rush

Yeah I know Alexander Hamilton is the Founding Father du jour, but Rush’s story seems like it’s far more interesting.


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